Real-time Radar #26

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Uniting global football fans with an XMPP geocluster

When you are running one of the top sport brands, launching a new innovative app always means it comes with great expectations from your fans. That’s why highly recognised brands turn to ProcessOne.

Get started with NB-IoT and Quectel modules

The year is 2029. Humans are populating the Moon, starting at Moon Base One. Two Moon Base Operators are about to commit a grave mistake in the crop garden of beautiful red tomatoes…

Blockchain and?(I)IoT

Many people try to find a mix of Blockchain and IoT in order to simplify communication between nodes in IoT solutions, increase the communication security, and allow payments between nodes (e.g. a smart device can pay for some services when needed ).

An era of IoT

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is a M2M and IoT connectivity protocol. It is an open protocol specified by IBM and Eurotech, and recently it is used by the Eclipse foundation in M2M applications.

Crocodile solar pool sensor

This instructable shows how to build a rather special pool sensor measuring the pool temperature and transmitting it via WiFi to Blynk App and to a MQTT broker. It uses the Arduino programming environment and an ESP8266 board (Wemos D1 mini pro).

Poets explore the language of push notifications

Has a poem ever made you cry? If you said yes, you’re just one of countless people who’ve been deeply moved by poetry. Now, has a push notification ever made you cry? Maybe not. In fact, we hope not.

New way to video conference

Remember when we had a video calling standard that worked with all mobile phones around the world so you could just call someone up and see them in live video on the other end while talking to them?? Me neither. That never happened.

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