Real-time Radar #27

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GopherCon 2019 Highlights

ProcessOne CEO had the chance to attend once more the big main annual Go conference: Gophercon 2019. For the first time this year, location changed from Denver to San Diego. Ocean, mild climate and extraordinary venue for the party (on the USS Midway) contributed to a relax and friendly atmosphere.

The State of the XMPP Community

This keynote gives an overview of what various XMPP projects have been doing (implementation wise) over the last ~12 month and will try to explain why some features have been adopted more quickly than others.

Cisco Scores Big with a New IETF-Approved Internet Standard

This June, Cisco achieved a milestone when the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) declared their XMPP-Grid architecture an official Internet standard?for security information exchange.

The Death of Jabber

Looking at the two previous links, it seems open XMPP and Cisco XMPP are going forward quite well – albeit in different directions. However, here’s an opposite point of view.

Deep Dive Into MQTT

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) has been relevant for years. It’s enjoying even wider attention now thanks to the explosive growth of IoT, with both consumer and industrial economies deploying distributed networks, edge computing and data-emitting devices as part of everyday operations.

Machine Vision Meets MQTT Messaging

This author covered recognizing objects with the JeVois sensor and sending the data to text-to-speech Processing scripts. Next, they describe passing the recognized object name and location data to other machines and systems, using MQTT.

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