Real-time Stack #24

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MQTT for system administrators and for the IoT

They say MQTT is a PUB/SUB protocol for the Internet of Things, which it was originally designed for, but it’s also well suited for monitoring machines and services. Presentation given at BSDCan2019 in Ottawa.

Z-Wave to MQTT

Fully configurable Z-Wave to MQTT gateway and control panel. The Z-Wave to MQTT add-on allows you to decouple your Z-Wave network from your Home Assistant instance by leveraging your MQTT broker.

Migrating from Prosody to Ejabberd

Author writes: “Yesterday I moved my old Prosody setup to a new Ejabberd-based XMPP server setup. I’d like to leave you a few notes on why and how I did that. There ware multiple reasons for my decision to give Ejabberd a chance.”

Emoji avatars for personal website

Author writes: “My previous avatar was almost 3 years old, and I was getting tired of it. I decided to replace my avatar on my website for my IndieWebCamp Austin hack day project. But if you know me, you know I can’t do anything the easy way.”

Gotify server

A simple server for sending and receiving messages, written in Go and licensed under the MIT license.

LabPlot 2.6 released with MQTT support

The next release of LabPlot is announced! One big new feature is the support for the MQTT protocol. With LabPlot 2.6 is is possible now to read live data from MQTT brokers. This feature was contributed by Ferencz K. during Google Summer of Code 2018.

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