Real-time Stack #25

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Breaking 25 Trillion Notifications for the BBC

In 2012, BBC needed to add a push notification service to its portfolio of mobile applications, with main focus on BBC News and BBC Sports. At the scale of the BBC, there was several key requirements that made it difficult to use an off-the-shelf application.

Thoughts on Code Style in Library Design

XMPP protocol is flexible and contains many extensions. It can be daunting to get into XMPP so it’s very tempting to add new tools to make it more convenient for newcomers to get into the protocol.

Next Steps Toward Go 2

The release of Go 1.13 is on its way, hopefully in early August of this year. This is the first release that will include concrete changes to the language (rather than just minor adjustments to the spec), after a longer moratorium on any such changes.

Scaling from 2,000 to 25,000 Engineers on GitHub at Microsoft

At Microsoft today there are almost 25,000 engineers participating in the official GitHub organizations for open source, a great number of them contributing to open source communities throughout GitHub.

Air Pollution Tracking with Node.js, Elastic Stack, and MQTT

What can you do with a couple of IoT devices, Node.js, Elasticsearch, and MQTT? You can put together your own Internet of Things setup for measuring air pollution, like I have.

The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2019

Go started out with a share of 8% in 2017 and now it has reached 18%. In addition, the biggest number of developers (13%) chose Go as a language they would like to adopt or migrate to.

Merging Internet of Things and Blockchain in Preparation for the Future

The ‘Big Four’ technologies of the future are beginning to force themselves to the fore as companies start to dabble in the likes of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), as well as Big Data.

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