Real-time Stack Issue #19

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20th Anniversary of Jabber Server

In the last twenty years, we have seen protocols and services come and go, but XMPP, an IETF standard, is here to stay. It is backed by an international community of developers, does not depend on a single company, and is enhanced continuously by the XSF.

Slack Closes Account of an Iranian Living in Canada

Using a proprietary protocol that doesn’t allow any form of federation is a dangerous way to build a global community. While Slack reverted this decision, other users weren’t so lucky.

Build Your Own MQTT Node for Less Than $2

ESP-12F as a stand-alone module is of no use unless mounted on a base board like wemos-d1-mini. This blog explains how to use ESP-12F module without the need of a base board but with minimal set of components.

IoT Standards Could be Vulnerable to Hacking

New research from security firm Trend Micro has discovered major design flaws and vulnerable implementations related to two popular machine-to-machine protocols used in IoT devices, Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) and Constrained Application Protocol (Co2P).

Proxy Protocol in ejabberd

This article describes how to configure HAProxy and ejabberd together. If you are using a proxy in front of ejabberd, the support for proxy protocol is a new feature allowing the XMPP server to know the real IP addresses of the connecting client instead of seeing just the IP used by the proxy server.

Data Portability Kit

This is the Swift Army Knife that let you take back control of your online data. Thanks to GDPR, online providers now have to offer takeout features for your data. This is a great opportunity to get back your data.

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