RTB benchmark now supports MQTT

We are happy to announce that RTB now fully supports MQTT 3.1.1 and 5.0. With this addition, RTB is now a fully-featured real-time infrastructure benchmarking tool.

RTB is capable of testing XMPP and MQTT solutions at the rate of millions of concurrent sessions. You can find RTB on GitHub. In the near future we plan to release detailed benchmarks stress-testing ejabberd on both protocols.

What is RTB?

RTB (Real-Time Benchmark) is an open source benchmarking tool to stress-test real-time protocols. The aim of this project is to define an easy benchmark for XMPP and MQTT servers, with minimal configuration overhead.

RTB was first released by ProcessOne in July 2018. To compare server implementations and be sure they are ready for massive traffic, there is a need for a “golden standard” benchmarking tool that is easy to use and avoids ambiguity due to configuration or overhead – each test should have the same baseline and capabilities for the results to be comparable.

We believe RTB fits such a role, because it has sane defaults (gathered from statistics of real world servers) and is able to cover all the test features defined in the XMPP Compliance Suite 2018.

What is next?

The next step for RTB is to implement support for MQTT version 3.1. Additional work will be put into making RTB simple to use and have friendly display of results.

We encourage the community to use RTB, and provide feedback through issues and pull requests.

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