XMPP Radar Newsletter #1

As XMPP experts that love sharing lovely contents we found on the web relating to XMPP messaging protocol, we have decided to launch a monthly newsletter about “All things XMPP”, called XMPP Radar. The goal of the newsletter is to inform readers about what is happening in the XMPP world.

Despite all the saying, XMPP protocol have been there since more than 15 years and is here to stay. It covers so many useful features for realtime messaging and solves issues that no one else even tried to tackle, like federation. From mobile messaging to Internet of Things and gaming, we have no doubt that the protocol is here to stay.

Changes in web technologies, like the general availability of Websockets, and extension dealing with mobile networking are quickly changing the face of the protocol. XMPP is improving so much at the moment, that I think it is entering the second phase of its evolution. I truly think we are on the eve of an XMPP renaissance.

I know Facebook recently shut down its XMPP client gateway, but given the closed nature of the Facebook chat it has little significance for the XMPP protocol itself. It may be even the starting point on which XMPP can start building its own life outside of the shadow of tech giants.

Whether you are excited by the prospect or doubting that XMPP is a solution to your messaging needs, you should subscribe to XMPP Radar. We hope that month after month we will amaze you or prove you wrong, but no matter what is ahead, I am sure you will find the experience enlightening.

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Do not hesitate to contact us to suggest interesting links for the next newsletter, at end of August 2015.

Here is a few links we put together as a teaser:

XMPP Development

Create a Chat App using Intel XDK and XMPP

Here is a nice tutorial on Web based ejabberd, showing how to create a chat app using Intel XDK and XMPP.

Protocol advancements

XEP-0359: Unique and Stable Stanza IDs

Unique and stable IDs for stanzas, which are set by a XMPP service, are beneficial in various ways. They can be used together with Message Archive Management (XEP-0313) to uniquely identify a message within an archive. They are also useful in the context of Multi-User Chat (XEP-0045) conferences, in order to identify a message reflected by a MUC service back to the originating entity.

This is an important extension to build future XMPP enhancements.


Securing ejabberd against logjam attacks … and future threats

As a default, ejabberd is secured and resistant to logjam attacks. However, ejabberd 15.06 adds improvements that makes ejabberd even more resistant to future attacks. We hope you will find valuable information there, even from a general XMPP security standpoint.

XMPP Servers

ejabberd 15.07 released

This month’s ejabberd release contains many fixes and a few improvements. This is a consolidation release that help us pave the way to exciting new features coming at end of the summer.

New WebSocket plugin for Openfire

Openfire now has support for the latest Websocket specification. This will help spread the use of Websocket as de facto standard for browser-based XMPP connection. This is good news for everyone, as Websocket make XMPP much more responsive in the web browsers.

XMPP Clients

Swift 3.0 beta 2 XMPP client

This is an rich iteration on a client that we are looking forward to try in version 3.

XMPP Companies News

Advanced Erlang Initiative and ejabberd Workshops

ProcessOne and Quviq have launched the Advanced Erlang Initiative, a new group of companies that use Erlang as a strategic technology to craft great products. As part of the initiative, ProcessOne will be organising Advanced Erlang Workshops on ejabberd. This will be a great opportunity to meet advanced XMPP hackers and learn about the future of the platform.

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