XMPP Radar Newsletter #15

Here are the links we found most interesting in September:

ejabberd 16.09 released

We are happy to introduce our new ejabberd release, ejabberd 16.09. As usual it includes many bug fixes and improvements. But most of all, it includes excellent student work done for Google Summer of Code program. Thanks to Anna Mukharram and Gabriel Gatu for their contributions.

Designing a modern messaging service with ejabberd

In this video, Mickaël Rémond summarises important principles developers need to be aware of when building their own modern XMPP messaging platform. The video was recorded at ejabberd Advanced Erlang Workshop in Paris.

Jesse Kline: Google gives the world another video conferencing app that won’t let you talk to all your friends

What if the world’s multitude of telephone networks weren’t compatible with one another — if the average Canadian household needed to have three telephone lines, one to talk to Telus customers in Western Canada, another to connect with Bell customers in the east and a third to chat with family in the U.S.?

XMPP chat plugin for Unreal Engine 4

Descendent Studios announced the open-source release of several Unreal Engine 4 plugins they developed for their games, including XMPP chat support.

SAP to invest $2.2B to expand its Internet of Things business

With Gartner Inc. expecting enterprise investment in connected devices and related technologies to reach $1.4 trillion per year by 2020, it’s no surprise that IT vendors are so enthusiastic about the trend.

An open source approach to securing The Internet of Things

At the IoT Evolution 2016 conference in Las Vegas, a group of industry experts gathered to discuss security for the Internet of Things, with a focus on embedded devices.

7 surprising facts about open rates for push notifications

Tapjoy, the mobile marketing company, has come up with seven surprising facts about the open rates for push notifications. Push notifications are a common way to get users to pay attention to an app.

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