XMPP Radar Newsletter #4

Welcome to the fourth issue of our newsletter. This month was very busy for XMPP development with several projects reaching important milestones. You can subscribe to the XMPP Radar newsletter and receive it in your inbox at the end of each month. Here are the links we found interesting in October:

ProcessOne released ejabberd 15.10 with HTTP upload, metrics and performance

This month’s ejabberd release contains brand new features, performance optimisations, bugfixes and many other improvements. This release includes a brand new module to help with file transfer. In XMPP transferring files between users required users to be online at the same time. Not any more.

The Tor Project releases beta version of its anonymous instant messenger

The Tor Project has just released the beta version of Tor Messenger, a chat client that allows for anonymous, “off-the-record” chats based on Tor’s secure browsing system.

Nexedi releases HTML5 Jabber Client on OfficeJS

Interestingly, the project uses two front end frameworks: RenderJS and jIO. RenderJS gadgets cover reusable components made from HTML, JavaScript and CSS. jIO maintains a chat history in the browser’s storage (indexedDB) keeping conversion histories on the respective users’ devices.

Building an XMPP iOS client in Swift 2

The goal here is to be able to create a simple yet powerful messaging app, in a record time. With the power of CocoaPods and our Swift Wrapper, we, and now YOU are able to do so much more when it comes to messaging in Swift.

Lightwatch: An IOT prototype using XMPP and Android

IOT HUB prepared a deep description of a prototype of an IOT system that will continuously transmit information about ambient light conditions from an Android device.

10 reasons why instant messaging is essential for recruitment

The majority of recruitment communication is still done over email. Tons of threaded emails with parties joining and leaving. Andy Headworth argues that recruitment should switch to XMPP as soon as possible.

84% of millennials act on push notifications

Everybody knows that push notifications are a powerful trigger for users, but this article gives the actual numbers to prove it.

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