ejabberd 2017 year in review

This was an amazing year for ejabberd! With almost regular monthly updates, tons of new features and improvements, we worked hard to make ejabberd the best XMPP server available. Let’s take a look at the past year, and let us wish you a Happy New Year!

January – 17.01

We started last year with a cleanup. Most notably, we introduced SSL in PostgreSQL connections and improved database migration.

March – 17.03

This release introduced dynamic configuration reload, to ease ejabberd administration and management. To ease end users’ life, we created mod_block_strangers to significantly reduce XMPP spam.

April – 17.04

One of the most significant features of 2017 was introduced in April: Redis and SQL backends can now be used to store RAM tables, just like Mnesia.

May – GSoC

In May, ejabberd was yet again accepted to Google Summer of Code ’17. With two projects, Support for “Let’s Encrypt” ACME protocol and Server-to-Server stream management support it was looking like a super-interesting summer.

June – 17.06

Another significant ejabberd update happend in the middle of 2017. This time, we introduced a handy Certificate Manager, new caching system and the highly demanded Riak support.

August – 17.08

At the end of summer we produced another ejabberd release that improved the XEP-0357: Push Notifications support, as well as made it easier to configure a cluster backend – although only for Mnesia, for now.

September – 17.09

This was a busy month for ProcessOne. The result of the two ejabberd GSoC projects was very satisfying, both for us and the participants. Additionally, this month’s ejabberd release introduced a new, much better avatar module, implemented XEP-0368, and updated OpenSSL libraries in our installer.

November – 17.11

Happy Birthday ejabberd! It’s been 15 years :) Apart from the celebrations, this month we introduced “Let’s Encrypt” ACME support created during ejabberd GSoC, and implemented much demanded PubSub improvements.

December – 17.12

With the end of this amazing year for ejabberd, we were happy to announce a major XMPP/PubSub project migration to ejabberd server. And with another successful ejabberd release, we introduced SNI for inbound connections, and improved support for PubSub v1.14 and OMEMO.


2017 was an amazing year for ejabberd, but we are not stopping there! Looking forward, we are happy to announce that ejabberd is compatible with XEP-0387: XMPP Compliance Suites 2018 as well as passes the Conversations Compliance Suite.

We have many new features and improvements lined up for this year. Look forward to our next release! To stay tuned, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to ejabberd newsletter.

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