Introducing Fluux: XMPP & MQTT as a Service

Today, we are rebranding and expanding our well-received ejabberd SaaS platform!
The new name is Fluux, supporting both XMPP & MQTT, in the cloud, as a single service with a unique and simple business model.

From XMPP to Realtime Standard-based Multi-protocol Service

ejabberd SaaS was launched five years ago. It was one of the first XMPP software-as-services and still is the reference today. Five years later, it runs very reliably in production for many customers, providing service to millions of concurrent online users every day.

When we launched, it was the perfect tool to run a highly reliable, highly scalable mobile chat service for a great price. You received your dedicated servers, managed by ProcessOne, developers of ejabberd, with all the features provided by our Business Edition. You could even develop your own backend API to store most of the data on your own private servers and just enjoy ejabberd, the realtime service, in a “stateless” fashion, no strings attached.

Over time, however, our customers have been using the platform to go further than chat. We have helped them build game services with ejabberd. We have also seen customers using it to connect devices and build large scale Internet of Things projects.

We soon realized that both, our service and ejabberd, needed to look beyond just XMPP. We put a lot of effort and our skills from building a large scale messaging platform, to develop a clustered high performance MQTT server based on the core building bricks of ejabberd. We support geoclustering and the brand new MQTT 5. Our open test server is already widely used for home-made IoT. You can learn more in our MQTT server announcement.

Fluux: Offering XMPP & MQTT as a Service

The next natural step was to offer MQTT as part of our software-as-a-service platform. Today, we are ready to announce that MQTT is available on all our new instances, and upon request for our existing customers.

However, ejabberd name was always associated with XMPP. Jabber is the former name of the XMPP protocol. So, it also made sense to rebrand our ejabberd SaaS platform to a name that shows the support to a wider variety of realtime protocols. That’s why, starting today, ejabberd SaaS is called Fluux.

The business model remains the same one that our customers love. No per-user costs that end up very expensive. You pay for what you consume, measured in “Jabs”. For MQTT, it is even more straightforward, with fewer rules:

  • 2 Jabs for authentication
  • 1 Jab per MQTT packet published
  • 1 Jab per recipient on MQTT publish
  • 1 Jab per subscribe or unsubscribe
  • 1 Jab per 15 minutes for inactive session.

And the greatest part? You can build hybrid projects using both XMPP & MQTT on the same platform and the same pricing plan. This is great for both gaming, IoT and mobile projects, using the best of both protocols to fit a use case.

Join and Build with Fluux

Fluux is feature-full and future-proof:

  • Relies on standards, with no lock-in. We want you to stay with us because your are happy with the service, not because you now have no other choice.
  • Enables innovative use cases through the availability of multiple protocols on a single platform.
  • Takes away the pain of running a highly reliable and scalable service and lets you focus on your product.
  • Keeps the costs predictable with a single unit of usage – the Jab.

You can start using MQTT, XMPP or both on Fluux today. Welcome to your new standard-based realtime platform!

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