Tsung 1.3.1 has been released

Posted by Marek Foss on 2009-09-28 at 10:05 AM

Tsung 1.3.1 adds new features, improves many existing features and fixes several bugs.

New features and improvements include:

  • Scalability improvements (tested with several millions simultaneous users and more than one million requests per seconds generated by a Tsung cluster)
  • Ability to start a specific session at a specific time
  • Improve dynamic variables and matching of responses
  • New plot tool to ease comparison of several tests (tsung-plotter)
  • Add pubsub and MUC support for Jabber
  • 'If' statements based of dynamic variables within sessions
  • Ability to retrieve monitoring data from a munin-node agent
  • And many other smaller bugfixes and improvements.

Tsung 1.3.1 includes 37 improvements and fixes over Tsung 1.3.0. A complete list of changes can be retrieved from ProcessOne support site.

The new code can be downloaded from Tsung download page.

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