ejabberd IM server 4th birthday

Today ejabberd IM server turns 4. The achievement so far is impressive.

ejabberd IM server

ejabberd development started 4 years ago and today, the end result is impressive. This server is one of the most largely used XMPP servers, and is included in many Linux distributions.

The project has received a large attention by the Erlang community, but it also becoming the server of choice for large companies that need a stable and largely scalable solution. The project strength rely in Erlang which is the only environment allowing a small, knowledgeable and efficient development team to produce a software with a complete feature set, unmatched clustering features and robustness.

Some developers thought at first that it was a strong disadvantage in a world attracted by so called “standard” solutions. It is not because the XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) is a self sufficient standard and a world of its own and offer a nice and clean API to control the Instant Messaging platform.

Can we prove that the user likes ejabberd? Yes! 2006 has been the best year so far. We are today counting more that 95000 downloads directly from ProcessOne website, not counting downloads from distribution sites (or CD-ROM). Let’s celebrate the 4th birthday of ejabberd before the even bigger celebration for the 100 000th download.

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