ProcessOne partnership programme relaunched

ejabberd and other ProcessOne components have become a strategic element in many customers infrastructure. We have recently relaunched our partner programme to organise tighter collaboration around ProcessOne solutions between the company and a group of leading customers.

ProcessOne partnership programme is good news for companies that are using ejabberd and would like to put it at the core of their infrastructure. It gives them a visibility on the roadmap, strengthen the existing ejabberd open source community, extend it to the corporate world and facilitate the continued development of this advanced instant messaging platform. It shows the commitment of a fastly increasing community of users to build the world reference XMPP messaging platform.

The programme gathers two companies deeply involved in instant messaging (Portugal Telecom and Meetic) and we are currently discussing with several other customers so that they can join the programme. You can expect more announcements soon.

To read the details of the original annoucement: New partnership programme strengthens ProcessOne instant messaging solutions


I would be happy to talk with possibly interested companies :)

Let us know what you think 💬

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