ProcessOne Hosted.IM adds paid plans for XMPP hosting services

ProcessOne has upgraded Hosted.IM with paid services for teams of more than 5 users.

Hosted.IM, the XMPP hosting service launched by ProcessOne in the last summer, has undergone a major change, by accepting paid plans, for work teams of more than 5 users for your own domain name. Hosted.IM will also let you add as many domains as you like, still without the need to manage the burden of administrative tasks.

Hosted.IM still provides XMPP services like federation to Gtalk, Talkr.IM, and other federated XMPP servers and gateways to legacy IM systems like MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, as well as the microblogging silo Twitter.

With the new Hosted.IM, you can buy credits when you want from the IMStore. This will enable you to add users to your existing plan. At any time you can access you current balance, as well usage reports and recent operations.

Previously, Hosted.IM enabled domains to host up to 10 users at not charge: this has changed to 5 users. We will continue to host existing free domains with up to 10 users. New domains will need to buy credits in order to register more than 5 users.

In order to use Hosted.IM, the first step is to register a username with an existing e-mail account. Then you can configure your DNS, and after some synchronization delay, access your newly created XMPP accounts.

Run your own instant messaging service, without worrying about the administration hassle: join Hosted.IM now.

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