Proof of concept Wave client for Android, by ProcessOne

ProcessOne has just released an Open Source Wave client for Android, available as a proof of concept.

Now that the Apache Software Foundation aims at taking over the Wave project, it feels safe to share one of the code we have been working on.

We have built a prototype Wave client for Android, that rely on a modified version of the Java Robot API library, to make it compliant with Android. The result can be downloaded as a test APK here (635 Ko), just right-click on the link and “Save as…”. Do not expect a fully usable product. This is just a work in progress of a proof of concept.

Currently, it does allow you to authenticate through Google standard API, get your inbox and display the list of waves, with a marker for number of unread messages. You can open the Wave and read the content of the discussion.

Here are sample screenshots:

Application before launch




Accepting to grant privileges to access Wave for the session


List of Wave threads


Content of a Wave


As you can see it is a bit rough, but we have more to come soon. For example, we are almost done on creating a new Wave and adding participants.

The code is available from ProcessOne Lab in a Git repository:

  • library under Apache license v2.0
  • Mobile application under LGPL v2.0

Your comments and contributions are welcome.

Let us know what you think 💬

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