Talk at Erlang Exchange Conference, London, UK on June 27th

I will be talking in a London conference about ejabberd XMPP application server and Tsung benchmarking (HTTP and XMPP).

I will be at Erlang Exchange next friday (27th June, 2008), to talk about:

  • ejabberd for web 2.0 development: We have designed ejabberd as an XMPP application server that happens to be ideal to build web 2.0 applications and social networks. The talk will rely on two majors use cases: building a large scale community chat system (Major League of Baseball) and building a Twitter-like microblogging platform on top of ejabberd.
  • Tsung tutorial: This Tsung tutorial will present the fundamental concepts underlying Tsung architecture and will provide the required knowledge to write relevant benchmark scenarios. You will then learn how to create a scenario to benchmark an example web application and how to analyse the results of the benchmark.

I would be very glad to meet existing or future ejabberd and Tsung users next friday :)

More details: My talks and the conference programme.

Let us know what you think 💬

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