Tweet.IM update: retweets, hashtags and timeline refresh

New interesting features have been deployed on Tweet.IM.

Our Twitter gateway, and thus its installation on Tweet.IM, has received new features, enabling further integration of IM and microblogging.

These will be available to clients that display formatted text, well known as XHTML-IM by the specialists. For this, you will need to have XHTML enabled on Tweet.IM by sending xhtml on. Reminder: type help to have a list of all available commands

Here are these features:

  • Support for the display of retweet (official retweet format)
  • Allow to force timeline fetch manually, by typing update
  • Render hash tag as a search link, which is then clickable

Here is a mouse hover of a hash tag: clicking on this one will open a new browser tab to the Twitter hashtag

With these new features, we provide more fine-grained enhancements, enabling seamless integration between real-time push technologies based on XMPP and microblogging based on the web.

Let us know what you think 💬

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