Usage estimation of public XMPP servers per domain

Based on data gathered by our IMtrends search engine, here is our very first “market shares” estimation on XMPP servers, for domains known by IMtrends.

Please, first note that study relies on a panel of 7292 XMPP domains as discovered by the IMtrends engine. This should be still only a partial analysis of the existing XMPP servers: we cannot take into account totally private servers. However, we have received feedback that a lot of the known XMPP public deployments are already gathered in the IMtrends database. You can check by yourself on our search engine and add more public servers in the database that we could be missing: See IMtrends.

Please, also note that those statistics do not take into account the size of the domains (the number of total users and simultaneous users peak).

Now, let’s get to the data. Here is a breakdown on server usage per type on the 18 july 2008:

Software Family Market Share
ejabberd 37.0%
jabberd14 22.4%
openfire 18.4%
jabberd2 11.3%
Google XMPP 6.2%
wpjabber 0.9%
XCP 0.2%
djabberd 0.1%
SoapBox 0.1%
psyc 0.1%
Isode M-Link 0.1%
tigase 0.1%
timp 0.1%
JCS 0.0%
Unknown* 3.0%

We will publish more statistics analysis in the coming months, so stay tuned.

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