What’s next for instant messaging?

It’s a question that everyone is asking – and the answers are as varied as they are numerous. Only one thing is certain: instant messaging is going to continue to evolve rapidly and become embedded as a means of business and social communication.

But how will technology evolve to support this growth? What features will become the most essential for innovative online businesses? And what will it take for traditional corporations to overcome their security fears? Which direction will the large players like AOL and Yahoo take, and how will this influence the choices of the many other organisations that are developing their own instant messaging capabilities?

ProcessOne has established this web site – IMtrends.com – to help monitor and communicate the answers to these questions and many more. Through this blog, surveys and reports, we aim to make up-to-date information about current trends in instant messaging readily available.

Among the many services that will soon be available on this site, IMtrends provides an overview of XMPP usage. Today, the number of XMPP public servers (known to the XMPP federation) stands at 5887 XMPP domains. Server administrators can register their own servers in the ‘search’ field on the home page of this site.

ProcessOne will be continually developing IMtrends and expanding the site’s content in the months ahead. In the meantime, we welcome any feedback and suggestions for topics to address.

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