af83 presents UCengine

Alexandre Eisenchteter and Thierry Bomandouki, from af83, have presented UCengine at SeaBeyond.

UCengine, which stands for Unified Collaboration Engine, is an erlang server for generic publish and subscribe, with persistence. It is written for customized real time collaboration applications, under the AGPL license. It exposes a ReSTful HTTP API with JSON as its primary exchange format and can store the broadcasted events in a database.

Here is short example of an event in a JSON format:

{ "type"    : "",
  "datetime": 1292593766682,
  "id"      : "44099145822544409583064798111089",
  "meeting" : "introduction",
  "from"    : "",
  "metadata": {
    "text": "Hi there ! I'm an event !"

An UX framework is also available, shipped with Javascript and Ruby on Rails libraries to access the API, under MIT or GPL licenses. Additionnally, several interactive jQuery widgets are available for UI building. It lets developpers build complete custom applications in a flexible fashion.

Check out UCengine website, and also check out the code!

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