Angie: ejabberd roadmap updated

The “Angie” program is our commitment to publish an ejabberd version that will support more than a million simultaneous users in a single domain for production systems. The upcoming ejabberd version will however also feature many welcome functional improvements as well as new innovative additions. The new roadmap give an insight on the current process leading toward ejabberd Next Generation (Angie).

We have recently updated ejabberd roadmap on our support site. The roadmap is itself a work in progress, but give a nice overview of what you can expect for ejabberd in the short term.


The Angie program will be split into four releases. Each of this release introduces a major architectural change and adds many new end-user features.

  • ejabberd 2.0: This version introduces a new architecture, called Flexarch. The basic idea is to have the most flexible and configurable architecture to adapt to every organisation deployment requirements without pain. Flexarch will be described in a future post. This release is expected to reach beta state at the end of may 2007 and should be ready for production before july 2007. This version will also add many end-users features such as PEP, proxy65 support for file transfers and many more additions that we will describe in other blog posts. This version also brings large improvements for enterprise-grade LDAP support.
  • ejabberd 2.1: This version is expected to change the relational database architecture support to make it more flexible and ease code maintenance.
  • ejabberd 2.2: This version will be a major optimisation of the code base and will dramatically improve the performance and the memory consumption. It will integrate a new XMPP parsing library called exmpp, common to ejabberd and Jabberlang. More on this new library soon, which is the key of this performance boost.
  • ejabberd 2.3: This version will improve the consistency of the cluster configuration mechanisms. A single configuration file describing the complete cluster will be introduced, radically improving cluster management.

The roadmap is still evolving and you are of course very welcome to get involved with us. Contributions, suggestions are very welcome !


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