IMgateways features

ProcessOne’s offering includes transports under the commercial name IMgateways.

It takes the form of an ejabberd component on the server-side. It enables the users to simply interact in their Jabber/XMPP client with third party IM systems, in the very same way they use it everyday.

IMgateways include third party legacy IM systems MSN or WLM (Microsoft Network or Windows Live Messenger), Yahoo Messenger, AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), and the ancestor ICQ.

This offering also includes of course XMPP/Jabber like GTalk/Gmail,, LiveJournal,, and the thousands of XMPP servers on the internet.

Although not IM systems, the IMgateways bring the microblogging services to the Jabber/XMPP experience: Twitter of course, all the instances and specifically, the most famous one.

The following table shows the features already available today.

Feature MSN Yahoo XMPP AIM ICQ μ-blog Comment
Gateway Interaction (XEP-0100) + + + + + + The standard registration, login, presence, and contact addition
Presence-based delivery N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A + Messages not delivered if in ‘do not disturb’ status
Roster synchronization on c2s + + + + + N/A Synchro between the XMPP roster and the 3rd party IM contact list
vCard avatars (XEP-0153) + + + + + N/A Simple avatar display
vCard avatars propagation + + + + + N/A Change of avatar from the XMPP client
Offline messages (XEP-0091) + + + + + N/A Messages sent while the recepient is offline are delivered at reconnection
JID Escaping (XEP-0106) + + + + + N/A IM address translation
Connection from multiple resources + + + + + + Allows multiple XMPP connections and a unique connection to IM services
Multiple instances + + + + + + Allows multiple user accounts for a given service
XMPP priority + + + + + + Mapping from 3rd party IM rules to XMPP priority concept
File Transfer over SOCKS5 (XEP-0065) + + + N/A Mediated file transfert for NAT and proxy traversal
Attention (XEP-0224) + + + N/A N/A N/A A mean to attract a contact’s attention on a conversation (“buzz” or “nudge”)
User Nickname (XEP-0172) + + + N/A Provides a more user-friendly identifer than the IM address
Chat States Notifications (XEP-0085) + + + + + N/A Real-time activity of the a user on the client, like typing, paused or gone
XHTML-IM (XEP-0071) +/- + + Used to transfer emoticons in MSN, and for text formatting in XMPP and Twitter
File Transfer Thumbnails (XEP-0264) + + + N/A Preview of file transfers
Web form + + + + + + Web form to allow user to easily add credentials

More informations are available on IMgateways product page.

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