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Hosted.IM has been discontinued, but installing an ejabberd real time server yourself is easy!
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On our XMPP hosted services, hosted.IM, we are now offering a possibility to connect your own Jabber Component.

Jabber Component on hosted.IM

hosted.IM offers you now the possibility to connect your own component to your hosted XMPP server. You can then run your own component in your server, while still having your XMPP server hosted and managed on hosted.IM. Communication between your external component and hosted.IM is encrypted to guarantee privacy of your information.

XEP-0114: Jabber Component Protocol

Jabber Component Protocol (also know as XEP-0114, the specification reference) is a protocol that will enable different server-side components to connect to the Jabber server. These components are known as external components, since they are not running on the same code/VM than the XMPP server. For communication with the server, these components use this protocol, which is different from client-to-server (C2S) and server-to-server (S2S).

In the image below we see how administrator enables External Services support and then configures it to assign the JID

Step 1: enable feature


Step 2: select External Services


Step 2: configure your External Service


External components have a unique JID within the XMPP/Jabber network. In the above example, it was identified as

A secret key or password is required by the standard to authenticate your component when it “attaches” (connects) to hosted.IM

Available services

hosted.IM already offers services such as:

  • Transports/gateways to proprietary IM: AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo
  • Twitter transport: for microblogging integration in IM
  • XMPP transport: if you want to agregate your contacts lists in one account
  • MUC: multi-user chat
  • Broadcast: to send a corporate message to all your users

Leverage real-time

Of course, you could run your own corporate services, by providing your own component to your users. For example, a company could push strategic information directly to selected users at an acceptable pace. This could improve and fluidify your company a lot!


Component protocol feature is available for your domain for free on the paid plans: Team 10, Office 25, Office 50, Organisation 75, Organisation 100, Company 200, Company 250, Enterprise 350 and Enterprise 500.

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