Migrate your push notifications from Parse to Boxcar

In a recent blog post Parse has announced the retirement of its service. This action is in turn complemented with the provision of exporting tools and the open source release of the Parse Server implementation. However, according to the details about data exporting, Parse Server does not implement any push notification functionality and they recommend […]

Apple increasing security of Push service ahead of WWDC

Apple is tightening its push service encryption Since this morning, Apple has been changing the setting of the push sandbox. This is generally good news, but it means that if your push notification system is written in Erlang, using Erlang stock SSL module, it will not work. If your are using Erlang SSL to send […]

SeaBeyond 2014 Summary

We had a great SeaBeyond conference in past December. It was really great to meet our users, who are developers building innovative products on top of our technologies.

Sea Beyond 2014: ProcessOne Tech Event for Mobile Realtime

I am very pleased to announce date and venue for our third iteration of our tech event on mobile and realtime. Sea Beyond event will happen on the 4th of december 2014. This year focus is “Real-time Technologies for Push and Chat on Mobile”. As during previous edition, we have split the schedule in two […]

TextOne 4.0.0 released

We just released a new version of TextOne iOS messaging client. This is a version improving compliance with iOS 7 (and introduce a new and lighter design). It also improves networking stack and time to connect / retrieve messages. It also fixes a long standing crash issue on launch that could sometime happen. It can […]

Optimizing Erlang applications: emysql

Here at ProcessOne we are in the business of building and managing huge scale robust platforms. For our relaunch of the Boxcar platforms for mobile developers, we are sending notifications to mobile users on behalf of our customers. Millions of them. Be it APNS or GCM, the timely deliver of every one of them is […]

Boxcar Push: iOS and Android push for all mobile developers

ProcessOne is in the business of building and running huge real-time projects for our customers. It is often a cause of frustration when comes the time to explain what you are doing publicly. As we are working on large scale mission critical projects, this often means that we have agreed to keep our work strictly […]

Why did ProcessOne acquire Boxcar ?

As founder of ProcessOne, I’ve promoted since 10 years a vision made of real-time messages exchanged at an Internet scale. Together with ProcessOne team, we stayed true to that vision using the best technologies to make that ambition happen. Erlang is a dream environment to build fast and scalable real-time system. XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and […]

ejabberd 2.1 vs 3.0 PubSub processor usage

ejabberd’s PubSub implementation covers most of XEP-0060 specification. This involve some complexity server side, sometimes at cost of performances. So PubSub’s optimizations was one of the main concern on the ejabberd 3 roadmap. We’re finally pleased to show some good results on this side. This shows ejabberd processor usage while running a Tsung benchmark scenario, […]