ProcessOne: What to expect in 2020?

As this is the end of the year, I’d like to take the opportunity to share with you how ProcessOne has changed over time and how it is approaching the next decade. ProcessOne was created to simplify the implementation of large-scale, real-time messaging services. In 2005, the most advanced tool was clearly Erlang. Since then, […]

ejabberd & Nintendo Switch NPNS

Last week, Taiyo Watanabe from Nintendo shared some insights about Nintendo Switch Push Notification infrastructure (NPNS) implementation. Here are some details from his presentation at ElixirFest conference. The Nintendo Switch NPNS is a large-scale realtime messaging service based on ejabberd. The game consoles are constantly connected to the infrastructure, listening for push notifications. So far, […]

ejabberd joins Google Summer of Code 2018

Each year since 2015 ejabberd has joined other Erlang projects in the BEAM Community to invite student developers to Google Summer of Code (GSoC), a global program focused on bringing them into open source software development. Through this program, students have an opportunity to work with an open source organization on a 3 month programming […]

ejabberd 17.12

To celebrate a culmination of many efforts in 2017 to make ejabberd the best XMPP server ever, we are happy to announce 17.12 which comes with many improvements and bugfixes. 2017 has been the biggest year ever for ejabberd. Please, send us feedback to help us build an even stronger community and do even better […]

ejabberd 17.11 – Happy Birthday ejabberd !

Happy birthday ejabberd ! Ejabberd has been the leading choice to serve reliable XMPP domains for 15 years, and we are happy to announce yet another great new version of your favorite server. This version includes great new features from Google Summer of Code, many improvements and a lot of bug fixes. By the way, […]

ejabberd 16.12

2016 was year of several major code refactors and improvements for ejabberd. From Elixir support, to test suite and code clean up and modernization. After ejabberd 16.09 which brings a lot of improvements, ejabberd 16.12 includes a big refactor we have been preparing for long time, and a couple of new features that pursue the […]

ejabberd 16.12 beta1

In 2016, we made several major code refactors and improvements on ejabberd. From Elixir support, to test suite and code clean up and modernization. After 16.09 which brings a lot of improvements, the last version for 2016 includes a big refactor we have been preparing for long time, and a couple of new features that […]

Elixir Programming Language Popularity is Growing

One of the nice gems (pun intended) found in The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: January 2016, is the recent growth of Elixir popularity: Elixir: The Erlang-friendly language made a notable jump this time around. The last quarter we surveyed languages, Elixir placed at #60. As of this January, it had jumped to #54. While we […]

ejabberd and the Google Summer of Code 2016

ejabberd project and developers are involved this year again as mentors in Google Summer of Code 2016 initiative, as members of the BEAM Community. This blog post explains what it could mean for you as a student wanting to contribute to our project.

Deep Dive Into ejabberd Pubsub Implementation – ejabberd Workshop #1

In this new talk from ejabberd Advanced Erlang Workshop, Christophe Romain goes into the details of ejabberd Pubsub implementation. He explains the Pubsub plugin systems and how to leverage it to optimize ejabberd PubSub for your own use cases. This talk will teach you how to get more performance and scalability from your Pubsub implementation. […]

Riak and ejabberd in-depth explanation at Basho Advanced Erlang Workshop

As Basho just joined Advanced Erlang Initiative, we are joining forces to explain the implications, benefits and strength of ejabberd deployment with Riak (among other Riak talks, prepared by Basho team). During hands-on session, we will show what is possible when mixing two great Erlang products together, on December 9th, in London. You can learn […]

Advanced Erlang ejabberd Workshop Talks

We have started preparing our Advanced Erlang ejabberd Workshop that will take place on the 17th of november 2015 in Paris. The main focus of the workshop will be to showcase the use of ejabberd for broadcasting messages and alerts. The goal is to demonstrate that you can truly unlock the power of XMPP by […]